Thursday, June 27, 2013

another post from the queen of miscellany

So, just some random pictures of the big guys (Yogi, Sian and Hiko) and Anya from the night before :)

I love it when Sian and Yogi start playing.  It always sounds so vicious - a lot of whimpering and yelping, but they absolutely dive into it.  Watching Sian beat the ever loving snot out of Yogi is always fascinating too - because she is so much smaller, and Yogi can wrap himself around her pretty good.  In fact, most of their tussling starts out with Yogi looking like the winner from the out-set, but you take your eyes off of them for a minute and then turn back?  Sian has him by the ear, neck or somewhere else and is dragging him all over the floor and back. 

It surprises me every time, until I remember the two as kits.  Yogi was over four pounds when I brought Sian home as the tiniest kit I've ever seen, and they were roughhousing the first day.  So she's learned to hold her own.  Very quickly.

Other than that, cleaned ferret rooms and fed them (boneless chicken thighs dusted with eggshell powder, and an added jar of baby food, for mister Hiko).

So, yep.  Still doing well <3 p="">

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