Tuesday, June 25, 2013

tl;dr life is hard

I think the easiest thing would be to come into this blog like I haven't been gone for about four months or so o_O

I just got done cleaning ferret rooms, feeding ferts (duck necks and cubed boston butt, lucky guys), and playing.

No surprise, things have been rough.  Being jobless for over a year (sloooooooowly getting closer to employment.  Actually heard back from a company today!  Possible part-time employment! WOO!), losing Ben, adopting two rescue pibbles, losing Neera, losing Bronx, having Hiko slowly go downhill, sick Dad (needing surgery), sick sister (has an upcoming surgery), other family drama ...

Well.  It's been kind of tough.  But lately I've gotten my act together, and I have happy ferrets (though not completely healthy, hahaha.  My poor mister Hiko
... and a pretty intensive cleaning schedule.  Because I've ranted about this before, right?  How ferrets aren't really the "clean" creatures some tout them to be.  Or maybe it's just mine.  Maybe mine are defective (you know, in the best possible way.  Totally).
I'm going to try to post more regularly again, because I actually enjoy writing here.  I love talking about my guys.  And maybe, if I'm honest, that's why I haven't posted in so long this time - I kinda let everything going on really, really get to me.  My poor babies felt the brunt of it, and I was extremely ashamed of it.
Things are still rough, but I woke up awhile ago.  After all, does it make anything better to make even more beings miserable just because you are?
Nope.  And I've apologized to my guys over and over.  The boys and Anya are totally back to little beboppers.  Rula and Sian are still upset with me.  Which, understandable - they bonded very deeply with me, and they've only been seeing my shadow, basically, for this long while.  It'll take time to get their trust back, but I will :)  I won't ever be *that* kind of ferrent again.
.... and that's about it, for now.

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