Sunday, June 30, 2013

oh, capricious winds

So.  I totally fail at taking pictures.  Let's just start off with that.

But words are nice.  You can have some.

Got done taking care of ferts and letting them roam.  Since they've been having chicken necks a lot, I decided to change it up, and saved back some tilapia (we were having it for dinner).  Generally, my guys LOVE tilapia (and is really the only fish I feed them.  I've tried sardines, salmon and flounder.  All made for stinky, stinky ferrets.  ESPECIALLY the flounder), and they don't get it a lot, so it's always a treat.

Well, usually always.  Usually always, except for tonight, apparently.  Did I miss the memo saying this was off the menu?  Apparently, little miss Sian was completely miffed about having this in her bowl.  While Yogi and Hiko ate their baby food, Sian was flat out glaring at me, while I just ":/" back at her.

Of course, I couldn't even find my bottle of olive oil to entice her until I moved over to Rula and Anya's room to clean.  I must have knocked it off the pony wall some time between last night and tonight.  So, I get Rula up with her tilapia (and like the good little girl she is, starts chowing down immediately), and peek in on the big three.  I first notice Sian curled up in a cuddly up, head resting on the edge of it, on the second floor of their FN, just staring morosely at me.  I look down at the floor, Hiko is having the time of his life, nibbling and scattering pieces of tilapia everywhere.  Oh, my sweet boy.




the end.

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