Wednesday, April 16, 2014

this is what they do all day. so serious.

I am in that state of constantly reminding myself, "I still have three, I still have three."  They need me, they do.  I think I need them more, though, and in a very specific way it's almost unfair to put that need on them.

I try hard to be a good ferrent.  I fail a lot.  I get so caught up in the day to day things, that the ferrets often take a backseat to everything else.  Work.  My nieces.  The other animals (having three juvenile American pits is a tough task, and one I didn't necessarily want, but have accepted and embraced).

But I still have Yogi, Sian and Anya, and they deserve the best life I can give them, not just the remnants of what's left over when I can spare to give it.  Ferrets are my passion, and they did not choose me, I chose them.  I will always choose them.

Over the weekend, I used some of my tax return to splurge, and I got Sian+Yogi and Anya some toys.  Anya LOVED them, and she lost her mind (though she hasn't even gotten all of them, yet, haha).  Sian and Yogi were not as excited about them, as about the act of strange new things being placed into their room.  I think I could have saved quite a bit by just buying Anya toys galore and letting Sian and Yogi play with the boxes and wrapping.  Better believe eyes are rolling over here.

For picture evidence, this is what their room looked like before:

This is what it looks like, now, with the added toys:

They have a ball pit, a tunnel activity set, a hidey hole alligator and count them THREE ferret trees (plus the big bed over to the right and the smaller round one are new too). 

With all that, this is what they choose to do (besides being in the cage, which in the above you can see them leaving since I'm there taking pictures):

Sorry it's blurry, my new camera is crap at taking pictures, really.  But yes, sit there.  Ignoring everything.  W. T. F.

Oh, ferrets.  They don't make a lick of sense.

(and they'd have more room for the toys, if half the room didn't need to be piddle-padded.  the sad thing is, they STILL don't use them all the time.  ugh.)

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