Monday, April 21, 2014

the times, they are a'changin

Last night, a coworker approached me.  She was oddly tentative, and I immediately knew something was up.   When she drew even, she glanced at me from under her lashes and said, "you have ferrets, right?  You said something about how you renovated your basement for them to run in?"

I thought, I mentioned that a long, long time ago.  I said, "yeah, yeah, I do.  What's going on?"

"I have this friend," my coworker said, "she has this ferret I'm worried about."

Ah, I thought.  "So, you want ... advice, to help your friend?"

"I wanted to come to you first," she said instead, "before I brought you up to her, maybe to rehome her ferret?  He's super sweet, but his cage is so dirty you can't see the bedding for all the poop!  I told her that's how animals die!"

I told her that I'd take him (him?  her?  I don't rightly know) if that's what her friend wants.  Or, I could help with advice, since she also claimed that her friend had the ferret just kind of dumped on her (but, still, you can't figure to clean poop out of a cage?  That's a no brainer.  And you can't use the internet to research?  How do people function?). 

I ultimately said yes, but I also said that I WOULD NOT be paying for this ferret (in the sense of a rehoming or "adoption" fee).  So, I suppose my coworker will be talking to her friend, and seeing if she'll be willing to give him (her?) up.

And I've got to get things ready for a potential new ferret.  I'm not sure how I feel about very hypothetically expanding my business.  I mean, yes, I want ferrets, but taking them in after others have had them?  Generally ends disastrously for me (i.e. Hiko) or at the very least ends up in a LOT of money spent (i.e. Hiko AND Anya).

But who am I kidding.  Owning them from kithood ends disastrously for me (Yew, Neera and Rula).  Drawing even, really.

I feel like I'm going to slowly turn into a rescue-only ferrent from here.  I think as long as I'm prepared for that kind of care-taking and its consequences, then that's not a bad thing at all.

Oh, well,  we'll see how things go.  I'd be interested in seeing his overall state, though.


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