Sunday, February 3, 2013

snowday '13

So we've been having winter weather for awhile now.  Ice, wind, snow, rain, thaw repeat.  Our yard looks like a muddy field where trees go to die (at the worst, we were out of power for a little over a week).

That being said,  because Anya's fur is beautiful and thick thanks to her treatments, and she was going crazy in the room, that she needed to get out.  Ice cold and little flurries falling down, but it was worth it.  She spent most of her time trying out different cubby holes that might serve as a warm(er) place to nap, but between her scurrying she managed to play in mud, water and the little bit of snow that had accumulated in this latest round.

It wasn't long that we were out there.  By ten minutes her little nose was red, and I had to fight her to get her back inside to warm up.  She might go out again later, as well :)

Beyond that, it's almost time for another nail clipping for her, hahahahaha.  Oh, how the time flies.  Also, the  conversion from Marshall's to Wysong is still ongoing, though she's eating the mix (which is mostly Wysong at this point) like a champ.

Hiko's looking like he's due for another des. implant.  His coat is getting distressingly orange again, and he seems a bit more irritable and cranky than he's been (plus Yogi's looking like he wants to start bullying him again, and that's always a sign Hiko's smell is changing and strengthening).

Everyone else is doing great, though!  Yay!

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