Friday, February 8, 2013


So!  I cleaned up the big guys' room today and clip nails, because Yogi and Hiko?  Freaking razorblades at the ends of their paws, yay.  They got to roam the downstairs.  Had a blast, too, though I managed not to take any pictures (:C I know, the internet ether likes pictures).  While I rounded up the boys and put them back in their room, I had a lot of commotion down the hallway.  Apparently, Sian was having the time of her life in the shower stall.  Dooking, chittering and wardancing like mad.  It was too cute to believe :D :D :D

Then Rula and Neera got out to run and get their nails clipped.  I made it upstairs in time to catch the fed-ex guy delivering the ferrets' whole prey (hairless large mice, super large rats).  He was redfaced and panting, and I was :/// ??? at him.  Turns out with all the snow, ice, rain and thawing we've been doing his truck couldn't make it up the hill.  You know, the mile-long hill that crests at 3000 ft. above sea level?  Almost a 1000 foot difference from the start of our driveway?  Yeah.  He had to carry a 3 foot long box weighing 44 lbs up that hill.  And here I was wondering why it wasn't delivered yesterday like it was supposed to be, hahaha.

Cradle that box full of critter corpses close to you, man.  It's IMPORTANT.

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