Thursday, September 20, 2012

daily peek-a-boo

Neera: "I don't have a lazy eye, I was winking at you!"  And where mama goes, Rula's not far &heart;
What I've done:

- Ordered more rats, mice and chicks from American Rodent!  It's nice to pay $150 and have it be just for food, not half of it being shipping!  Value for money spent - what a wonderful thing!

- Cleaned up little miss Anya's mess before putting her up for the day!

- Took Rula and Neera for 15 min. walks, separately!  They loved it so, so much, and I am getting a kick out of it, myself.  I'm going to try daily walks, rotating the groups (The big guys one day, and then Rula+Neera, and then Anya [might try Anya on Rula and Neera's day, but that might be pushing it since, for now, she is separate])

- Failed to clean rooms OR cages!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

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