Sunday, September 23, 2012

updates, realizations and pictures

So, Dr. Paul finally called about Hiko's spleen aspirates.  Apparently (and oh my, this is the first for me) it's good news!  Everything going on in there is benign, and the activity is occurring because of extramedullary hematopoiesis (large amount of red and white blood cells in the organ).  What's interesting though, is what I've found from my reading on the matter.  Some researchers are trying to correlate EMH and things like adrenal (which Hiko has), helicobacter mustelae (which Hiko has had, full blown, and has suspicious flares from time to time) and insulinoma (which he's being tested for this Friday).  Hmm.

Aaaaand, I've been busy with life - leaving during the day, staying away nights or getting back late, and I haven't seen that much of Anya.

Apparently, it shows.  I messed up her "ritual," and today, going in the room to spend time and get her ready for a walk?  She was jumpy, nervous, and I couldn't get the harness on her without help.  Once we were on the walk and exploring she was okay, but she'd have moments where she'd look at me and not recognize me.  Having a deafie, I'm learning new things every day, and she's making me feel like n00b, where before I was thinking I was totally on top of everything (BESTEST. FERRENT.  EVER!!!!111!).

Also, I'm slowly realizing that maybe Anya will have to stay on Marshall's kibble.  I hate the idea, and can't even come to grips with the fact that this is what I do, I switch ferrets for chrissakes, and this little girl is beating me at my own game.  

I've just  been putting tiny bits of Wysong in with her kibble, just one or two pellets, and that's enough for her to borderline starve herself. Doing tasting sessions?  Doesn't work, she spits everything out, and then won't trust food.  In the end, and seeing her out and about outside, it's painfully clear that she's lost even more weight, and she was underweight to begin with.

I want my guys to enjoy themselves, their lives, and their diet.  Not dread or mistrust.  So, for now, the Marshall's stays, and when she's fully settled (whenever that occurs) I'll try the Wysong again.

And now pictures!  There's Yogi, Sian and Hiko (who went on a tandem "walk" today), and then a few of the on-the-go!Anya.  Once she gets going she doesn't want to stop, which makes taking pictures a challenge, to say the least.

I absolutely love this picture of Yogi and Hiko (who's busy grass snorkeling) 

Hiko had the best fun when he had someone to follow

Sian could be wild!ferret, apparently,  She's totally in her element when she's outside. She was even hunting harvestmen


  1. love your pics let me know what you want to do about the thingy you want to go to. dad <3

    1. Thanks, and I will. Just thinking about it :) <3

  2. Incredible points. Great points. Keep up the good work.


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