Thursday, April 12, 2012

impromptu aquarium fun

I have a 10g planted tank in my room. Originally, it was supposed to be Simha's home, and the 2.5g heated tank he's CURRENTLY housed in was supposed to be his hospital tank. Well, the plants are doing okay, but I haven't been able to get the ammonia down (or cycle the tank for that matter), and I've kinda given up on it being anything other than what it is now (green, and full of snails). SO! That being said, I decided to let my curious ferts (this time, Sian and Yogi) investigate it:

Here's Yogs posing, nice and wet, for the camera:

And here's little miss Sian all wet (don't know if you can actually see it. Hey! Taking one handed pics of a wiggling fert is hard going, man!):

Unfortunately, I couldn't get pics of when they actually paddled around, because I had my hands full. Sian, especially, seemed to absolutely LOVE kicking around among the leaves and stems of the plants. She'd grab the spiralis, and slide them through her paws and get fistfuls of the watersprite. It was adorable. Makes me want to get a shallower tub and have some plants growing in there. Something a bit more accessible than a deep 10g tank.

So, yeah, a little bit of unexpected fun :)


  1. Some great pics. I have a Facebook page where I make and post Ferret LOLZ and wondered if you might allow me to use some of your images - with credit to you of course!

    1. Definitely! I'd love a link, if you do end up using some of my guys' pics :)

    2. Sure thing:

      If you have any others you'd like us to try, feel free to email me anytime at


    3. This was adorable, thank *you*!

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