Tuesday, November 8, 2011

gosh, long time no see :\

Life's been hectic, that's for sure, and when that happens the one thing ferrets want to do is make it twice as hard.

Or, that's the conclusion I'm finally reaching these days.

Miss Pix is giving me a run for my money. We've been dealing with a chronic prolapsed rectum (I mean swollen and bloody, guys. So not fun). The thing with that is every time I get her in, it vanishes, so the vets are looking at me like I'm crazy. For example, this time Pix has had the prolapse for a few weeks, getting worse and worse. I find a vet in Roanoke on Monday and run in and make an appointment for tomorrow. By the time I get home? Her rump is just fine.


However, having this as a chronic issue, it's still worth getting a look-see in my book. Also, Pixie really seems to be picking up the adrenal symptoms. Ultrasound showed an abnormal right gland, fine left gland, and no elevated hormones (a few months ago). I'm wondering if thing have started to shift since that examination, as well. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

The babies have gotten in their winter floofs. Neera has turned into such a little hoover with food! She takes it very seriously. My big guys haven't made the shed yet, though. They're all still slick and gangly looking. I WANT THE WINTER FLOOFS EVERYWEHRE.

I also got the babies their very own bedding set. And since it's "the girls'" cage, I went full out girly - pick and light purple and BUTTERFLIES all over the place. UGH I LOVE IT SO.

Aaaaand, I managed to snatch up a FN141 for $50 - BRAND NEW! I wanted to get one ever since I heard about the switch they're doing to the 181/182 models (:C), and next thing you know ferret.com was having a sale for a day on the one-stories. I really couldn't pass that up (it's now squirreled away for future use :D ).

.... um ... in other news: no pictures because my shiny, green laptop's wireless broke today, so I'm having to usurp another computer. That's right, I managed to break my internet today. Still words are pretty and so that's what you're getting :)

Or got. Seeing as how this is the end.

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