Friday, November 11, 2011

what is YOUR worth, if you don't see any in others?*

So. Pixie.

It almost seems like "everything" is the answer to any questions. Especially, "what's wrong with her." Especially that.

Every. Thing.

Bacteria overload? Check. Colitis (either the cause of, or the symptom of, the bacteria). Check. Enlarged spleen with a shadowy growth-like shape attached? Check. Enlarged adrenals (both!)? Check. Enlarged gallbladder? Check. Atypical lymphnodes in her GI tract? Check. Other atypical masses in her bowels? Check! Apparently, guys, what's been going on with that prolapsed rectum for a month and half? It was the masses pushing her anal tissue outward. Already, on the 2nd day of med.s and that seems to be getting better. The area is still swollen, but it's not so far out there and it's not bloody.

She's on metro, pepcid and amoxi. She's on a restricted diet of mice and quail. She's gotten her first lupron shot (she'll get another on the 14th and then the 30th day, and then we'll switch to the des. implant), she's gotten a melatonin implant.

She's going in for exploratory surgery on Wednesday.

She's grumpy, that's for sure. But she seems to feel better, and I've been stressed and crying and generally a snotty, weepy mess about this. When I'm not with her. When I am? She's ... normal. She's not wanting or thinking about leaving us. This, right now, isn't too much for her. I can tell she hasn't even thought about it. She's a bit uncomfortable, but she's already feeling better. So I'll keep doing everything I need to keep her with me. No questions asked.

(*one of my cohort, after she found out about Pixie and the money it was costing me to care for her, looked at me and said, "I might sound like a bitch, but you should just get rid of her." That ^ was my response.)

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