Sunday, August 28, 2011

let's try a little maiming first


Yep, that's the babies eating bone. Neera was, can you believe it, the first one to go after it. Basically, as soon as I put it on the ground, she was eating it. Apparently this is what she's been waiting for (and RMBs are the only thing she's interested in eating, right now).

Also, ahahahahaha, we picked up some split pork feet, and I can't wait to try the business on those. Next? Beef tongue! >:DDDD I can't believe my Wally World's carrying a bit more diversity. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on their inventory. The most annoying thing, though, about my local stores is the scarcity of wings that don't contain added chicken broth. I can get drummettes that don't have additives, just not wings (and I want them for the babies).

In other news: everyone but Hiko has gotten their second dose of ivermectin (earmites), and I've clipped Neera's nails. She was well behaved, except for her tendency to stick her paws in her mouth so that I couldn't get at them, d'awwwwww.

I've got to clean their room and their bedding, and give their 3rd dose of iver on the ... 31st. Yep. Day after classes start in the fall (yay! I'm a second-year now!).


  1. Hi there Sunny

    Congratulations on the new additions - both look absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure they will give you many years of love and laughter :)

    How is Hiko? Hope he's back to normal and is feeling his usual self now. I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to have him checked out by a non-savvy ferret vet. Thank goodness you got a good vet the 2nd time around!

    Anyway, just popped in to say hello :D

  2. Look at those guys go haha


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