Monday, August 22, 2011

the light of day is bright bright bright

Sorry for the slightly crappy camera phone quality, but well. I took these with a camera phone, ;D

But oh! How adorable! Rula actually settled down nicely and slept on my dad for about 30-45 minutes while he watched TV. My dad was even giving her kisses on the sly! THESE BABIES ARE SO BEAUTIFULLY SOCIABLE. It kills me (although we can add 7) NEWSPAPER to the list of what the girls [Rula, in this case] have eaten).

TV doesn't faze them; my dad's voice (loud because he's hearing impaired) doesn't faze them; dogs getting in their faces doesn't faze them; dogs barking and howling doesn't faze them; killer cats don't faze them; they don't even shake uncontrollably when I bring them out (my big guys all do this; they just aren't comfortable, even though they're curious, outside of their room. Which is sad).

That being said, my family has let me know that they want these girls to be more involved in daily life, so we're looking at playpens that I can set up in the living room for quality time :)

I found this:

Which has a few downsides (the mesh, the soft sides), but I've been working with Neera and Rula to refrain from digging at these things, in the hope that they will learn to leave it be and just enjoy the change of scenery. It's major plus is the size (for the large). It'd give them romping room, plus room for essentials (litterbox, food, water), and has a removable and washable floor. BIRTHDAY PRESENT, WHAT.

Other than that, I've changed up their soup in a bid to get Neera to broaden her horizons, or i.e. get used to variety. So I've made a batch with pureed ground turkey and chicken thigh, with chunked chicken mixed in. They're sleeping, so they haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping for good things, or else I'll have to try to syringe a bit into her to get her a taste.

We'll see, we'll see.

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