Sunday, August 21, 2011

they are literally insane.

So far, Rula and Neera have managed to eat
1) some of my shrug (Neera)
2) the tips of of my stay-in-place earbuds (Bose brand. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. - Rula)
3) pieces of a toy (Rula)
4) pieces of a blanket (Neera)
5) scotch tape (Rula. To be fair, I got all the pieces out, and she didn't really seem to want to eat them, she just wanted to chew them and then couldn't get the slobbery, sticky mess out of her own mouth. Apparently.)
6) the rubbery/pleathery handle cover of my cute lil umbrella (one or both of them. I didn't get to see who.)

I know this seems like the moment to say, "well, sunny, you seem to be asking for it. leaving all these things just laying around where inquisitive ferrets can get into them."

First of all, SCREW YOU, hypothetical audience. I don't need that kind of back talk.

Second (of all?), Neera's finally eating chunks, so I still win!

(not my original second point, but I can't remember what that is now) --- Oh! Something about ferret proofed, which is why they only find little things to eat. Because with a judicious application of pumpkin (meaning a cc's worth every time they pass by me, ahahahahha C:< ) they've been able to pass everything successfully.

I think mainly they're like this, 'cause they're not eating bone, just relatively soft stuff for now. Yogi and Sian started on bone just a few days after getting them, and they never had this issue of eating random stuff. Sure, Yogi got hairballs (when he stopped eating bone for a few days during shedding season), but never anything else.

Hmm ... see? A complete, balanced raw diet. Good for what ails ya.

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