Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Introducing ... RULA!

*Rula: Latin, meaning "Commander" or "Ruler"*

So, Rula is the new addition. She is a 9 week, 2 day old sprite. Her coat's "sable" by a broad standard (more chocolatey cinnamon than anything), and she rode in my lap for the almost 2 hour trip home.

Introductions are going well. I brought them in one at a time into my bedroom to meet her, and the boys were more interested - sniffing, licking, following. Sian and Pixie smelled her than trundled off. After that, I got all of them in there and it was fine (though I could tell Hiko was building up frustration). I then moved them into their room. Rula loved it (so much stuff!), and she absolutely loved Yogi's ping pong balls, she's great at soccer and catch :D But then Hiko caught her out at the water cage, and scruffed her and started to drag her, which is fine, except her legs were caught in the bars, so I had to break it off ( ... uh, Hiko's scruff, not Rula's legs :\ You know, just to clarify). Then, he did it again out in the room, which I kind of ... didn't handle well? Hiko's gotten me trained with all his screaming, I guess, so I really have to calm down and let him get his dominance issues out before it becomes a problem.

Anyway, they've had enough socializing for the day, and she's up in the 2nd floor of Hiko's cage (ramp's latched into place), with her ping pong balls, a tunnel, litterbox, food (she's already eating chicken thigh chunks!) and water and a bunch of sleeping spots, so she's good to go 'til tomorrow. We'll get her a vet visit, treat her and the Tetrad for earmites, and work on integrating everyone before my classes start up again.


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