Wednesday, August 10, 2011

awkward days, awkward hours

So far this morning I've fed Rula a meal of chunked boneless chicken thighs (the last bit of it), which she promptly threw up when she was let out to play.

Awwww babies and their hoover-like eating habits. What came up wasn't even chewed, so it's no surprise that it made another appearance during playtime :D

She wasn't fazed, though, and she played solo for a good hour or so before the awkward hours (i.e. afternoon naptime) got everybody woozy and grumpy. I think she enjoyed having the room to herself, although the Tetrad was a bit disgruntled at being caged while I was IN THE ROOM, MOM, JEEZ WHAT'S GOING ON.

After everyone wakes up, I think I'll cage the boys, and let the girls visit. Rula really seems to like them. Hiko she's not so sure on (I even lifted Hiko up to sniff each other through the bars, and she turned nippy at him; I did the same with Sian, and she was fine), and with Yogi she's indifferent.

Already, though, she's turning to me. She has to "check in" when she's playing - either nosing at me, mouthing or coming to sit with me, before going off to play again. She tries to follow when I leave the room and it takes her a bit to settle down again. YAY BONDING.

As for her menu, she's going to be trying chicken breast chunks today when she wakes up. Not much excitment, but hey :) , we've got time!

I've noticed, though, that the Tetrad has lost interest in the heavier meats now that it's turning warm. Duck, goose, even the ground bone in turkey (which is surprisingly fatty) doesn't interest them, but it's tough, because I'm still trying to get the chest freezer cleaned out of the old stuff so I can stock up with fresh for another 6 months, so they don't have much of a choice. We're down to ground bone-in turkey, ditto duck, goat RMBs, ground beef, tilapia, turkey hearts, pork trim, beef/pork heart, whole quail, quail feet, goose head/feet, ground boneless turkey, quartered rabbit, and cgh ( ... I think that's it).

It might sound like a lot, but it's not really, considering that the Triad don't eat rabbit; no one gets fish consistently, ditto beef; whole quail make a mess if you don't defeather (so they don't get them often, nor do I have many of them left) and it takes quite a few feet to make a meal (these are more like "snacks" for my guys), and the turkey and duck are what they're REALLY not wanting to eat, argh.

UGH UGH UGH. I just want to use this stuff up - I mean, these meals are pretty expensive, so I don't want them to sit and sit and lose ALL of their nutrients. COME ON, BABES. The sooner we get through this the sooner I can get a bunch of goodies in!

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