Monday, June 27, 2011

there is something fundamentally wrong with you

So ANOTHER fun-filled day in Tetrad-land, except for INCIDENT NUMBER ONE: Sian got it into her head to terrorize Pixie. The girls were wrestling and apparently Pixie landed a good bite on Sian's ear, enough to make her half-screech/half-whimper (and dragging noises out of the Triad is hard going). She was understandably upset and wanted to reciprocate.

Apparently, though, she does not know when enough's enough, and I finally had to drag Sian off of Pixie, who at this point just wanted the hell away from her. After that, Pixie wouldn't let Sian anywhere near Her Esteemed Self, even when Sian was trying to apologize (curling up with her, trying to groom her, etc). Ah, well. She'll learn.

The boys were great together, though. Even played in the crackle tunnels together without mishap >>>:DDDDDD Hiko was war dancing and just all around goofing off, and Yogi got caught up in the excitement, too. So so cute.

Then there was INCIDENT NUMBER TWO (ha, literally, in this case). Yogi decided that the corner formed by the watercage jutting against the wall was the PERFECT POTTY SPOT, and decided to go. Needless to say, he got in trouble (hey, half the ROOM is basically a designated toilet. There's no excuse at this point). He moped and sulked and dragged himself around like he was mortally wounded. No toy could cheer him up. No food could alight his gaze. No snuggle would EVER BE WARM ENOUGH TO SPARK HIS SOUL AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN.

Basically, I had to coddle and "oh, you're still my good boy, yes yes. :DDDD *whisper* just don't ever do it again! D:D" at him until he was able to recover from the trauma. The funny part of it was, after that (when I knew he didn't really need to go), he made his way to the piddle pads and fake pottied, like, "see, I'll be ready next time!" And lo, HE WAS. ;DDDDDDD

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