Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ferrets do neuroses with FLAIR

my girls show you how to imitate a speed bump. If you don't look like this, YOU'RE DOING EET WRONG.

You can really tell when summer hits the fuzzbutts. They go from ravenous, food seeking missiles of winter to dainty little things with the caloric intake of an anorexic supermodel on a diet.

This means I've been wasting a butt-load of food, since I conveniently forget what delicate little flowers I'm housing now :C

It's fine, it's fine, I just always miss the chubbas (I'm WEIRD, OKAY. I KNOW that >;D ).

AnyWAY, guess what tomorrow (well, holy crap, it's late) I MEAN TODAY is? YOGI'S THIRD BIRTHDAY. Already, jeez. Which means I've got to do a photo sweep and get pics spanning his time with me, as per tradition. Sadly, his presents are going to be delayed (some more than others. Ugh for bad timing). But he'll (they'll) get them. E-ven-tually. 'Cause I'm mean like that.

Oh, and the Tetrad was uber-cute today, too, playing and rough housing all over the place, so why is it that when I go to snap pictures for proof, I get a bunch of NOTHING (cute, sweet-faced nothing, but come on how many pics of the Tetrad lazing around do you want to see. Really, go ahead. Be honest, internet ether.)

It's what you're getting, though. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I HAVE. 58 PICTURES OF BASICALLY NOT MUCH.

Have them. See if I care.



  1. I'm pleased my Yoda is not the only one who forgets to eat when it starts warming up haha, they are interesting lil critters at times.

  2. He's definitely not alone in that department! "Interesting" ... yup, that's one word for 'em! >:DDD


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