Sunday, June 26, 2011

familiar territory

Pictures of my lover-ly girls this time!

Smooth sailing today ;) Tried giving my dog a goose head and foot - he bypassed the head. He was actually kind of horrified at it (as I told my mom, it seemed like Ben was saying, "Oh, god, no. This only happens as an end result of some horrible accident. I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY." So, yeah. Won't be doing that again, LOL).

I didn't want it to go to waste, so I gave it to the ferrets, even though they still had ground bone-in goose left over from last night. A few minutes later, I walk by the Tetrad room, and Hiko's up and crunching away on the beak, bang bang banging the head against the bottom of the water cage.

Aw (?).


In other news: the Tetrad is digging all the new tunnels. Apparently, you get a long enough one going and their little hunting instincts come out. They get really very sneaky and crawly-creepy and bendy in the damn things.


I'm also using up my store of ferret food, these next few months. I want to use up everything before fall comes on, that way I can restock before winter gets here. So that's fun. I'm still trying to rotate meats, but as things start running out the selection is going downhill. It'll be fun, though - I LOVE picking and getting the Tetrad's food. Lame, maybe, but there's something awesome about it, too. I guess it's having such a hand in what they eat, how they eat it (bone in, ground, chunked, etc), when they eat it. SO MANY LOVELY POSSIBILITIES.

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