Saturday, June 25, 2011

patience patience patience

Okay. WOW. It's been a while, yeah? Grad school is very busy-making, apparently.

Anyway, the Tetrad, you wonder, how ARE they?

Happy. Healthy. Yogi, the other day, lost his mind and decided to try to maim Hiko (and yet they can snuggle so prettily). It appears that if you factor in 1) Yogi's crankiness, 2) over-stimulation during playtime, 3)my involvement in said playtime 4) Hiko's (sometimes) desire for solitude, and 5) a confined space (i.e. box) you get GONNA-MURDER-YOUR-A**!Yogi.

Prior to yesterday, I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Neither did Hiko - it surprised us all.

He calmed down though, and these shots were taken about an hour after the incident.

Hiko's neuro problems have also resurfaced. He had a rough night a few days ago, after a quail foot meal went bad (he swallowed one wrong). The resulting regurgitation attempt seemed to set off a bout of imbalance and behavioral issues (namely biting me). The behaviors seemed to kick in, though, when he wobbled his way to me for comfort and I wasn't able to ... stop ... the issue for him like he thought I'd be able to. Into the next day he was tense and snappy, but he did refrain from actually latching on to me. He didn't try anything hinky with the Triad, though. Smart boy.

In food news: they're currently in love with goat RMBs. Everyone's now eating fully-feathered ADULT whole quail. YAY! And I tried them out on venison and bison, but hey. Not such big hits. I'm going to get them all whole sardines next and see if they like those, just for a change.

Last, I leave you all with -


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