Saturday, January 15, 2011


No, still no new pics, because I AM JUST THAT LAZY (I actually have a pic folder called "unused" where I paste every fert pic I haven't used so I have "stock" for times like these when charging a camera is too much for my delicate psyche to handle, wtf).

This one fits, though, because the Tetrad did get pork yesterday. This time, Yogi was all over it (stealing it from Hiko really charged up his appetite, apparently). It was Sian who was running around like "?"

Ferrets. They don't make sense.

But the major thing about the pork? When they taste it, they love it, and yet, AND YET, it beats them up. What do I mean? I mean that every time I give it to them, they choke on it or get it stuck. Hiko wasn't so bad, he just pawed his mouth and shook his head until he could dislodge it and attack it again, but Pixie? Ye god, she ran around puking because she ate it so fast. But she didn't even wait out the dry heaves before she was ... re-eating it, again. So I could hear CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP interspersed with these high pitched EEEEE whimpers ... it was disconcerting, to say the least.

Anyway, they also got chicken necks, so she (and by "she" I mean "Sian") was happy. It also means that I really do have to clean their laundry. There's little vertebrate pieces all over it :\

AND! The meaning of the title! I finally tried them all with the salmon oil. I put it in syringes, because if they liked it, it's a good way to get Hiko used to the syringes in case he gets sick and I need to feed/hydrate him, and 2) well, I didn't feel like lugging the bottle down there and having to pump out half teaspoons for everybody and then lug the bottle back up in the fridge (we've talked about this. I AM LAZY).

I tried Hiko first, in his cage, before the Triad came out. He loved it. Next was Yogi, and he actually wagged his tail while he was lapping his up. Sian and Pixie gobbled it up (and tried to eat the syringe, of course). Hiko, after everyone had theirs, came and sat on my foot, so I picked him up and he gave me KISSES.

It was almost like he was saying, "I've been here two months already, and not only are you NOT getting rid of me, you're STILL giving me treats x_X I LOVE YOU"

It was so cute :D


  1. Aww, so cute of Hiko, coming to thank you for the snack.

    Hmm, we've also seen re-eating food here... Our dog Aschiuta would try to do the same if we didn't stop her.

  2. haha, yeah, he's actually a little sweety, and dark! He's getting a ton of pewter guard hairs in \o/!

    First off, I *love* Aschiuta's name :) and generally I do stop my animals from re-eating because ... ew. But with her, every time she does it it's literally like 5 seconds after eating the first time, so it's basically the same thing, and doesn't seem as gross, LOL!

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