Sunday, January 9, 2011

synchronized "swimming"

Tetrad being cute at the waterpark (as I call their .... water cage):

It's been a few days since my last post, but everyone's doing fine :D Pixie actually got in her winter coat, and she's now blacker than she's been all year, thank god. I know she's getting older but turning completely white at five? o_O So there'll be pix of that when I can convince my lazy butt to get up and charge the camera

In other news: I bought the salmon oil from hare-today (supposed to be great stuff), and yet I refuse to actually give it to the Tetrad, wtf. Also, I NEED TO CLEAN >:3 !

... and yeah. That's all I've got :DDDDDDDD


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  2. Love your new post layout, Sunny - very smart looking :)

    It looks like Hiko has been accepted by your triad - that's super :D It's always so good when everyone gets on and stink bombs & shrieks are no more - LOL!!!

    Hope the weather is being kind to you and you're not nose deep in snow. We sit here watching the horrific floods over East with our mouths hanging open. Incredible scenes. They're snorkling there and we're sitting here in the searing heat with ever shrinking rainfall. Weather's gone crazy around the world!!

    Take care and stay well - hugs to your awesome foursome from me and my magnificent five ;)

  3. hee, thanks! I like the new layout, too :D

    You know, I think he is. It's been a few weeks since I've heard shrieking \o/ I still can't cage them together, but the set up now is perfect (Hiko gets a bit :\ when the Triad are put up for the night, but he settles down).

    We *are* actually getting a lot of snow. My niece has been out a while because of it and it's still going.

    I heard about the flooding, and it's just horrible. You're right, the weather is just crazy (here, 49 states have gotten snow - that's amazing o_O).

    Thanks for stopping by, and you and yours stay safe and well, also!

  4. This is my first time to drop by on your Blog Sunny and it's very interesting. Good thing your ferrets love to swim. It is really helpful when you started to introduce your ferret on the water when they are still young.


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