Friday, December 10, 2010

trufax, my feet unite warring countries ...

.... or, they are communal property on which any ferret has the right to sit, lean against, or curl up and go to sleep on.

Yeah, the second one. Definitely :D

I have another picture that I saved back because that will be the new blog header, whenever I get tired of the on on here now :D

But it was cute, all four were curled up sleeping on my feet as soon as I got into the room (I guess they do that to make sure I don't leave again). By the time I shifted them off me to get my dog back inside and get the camera to get stills, they refused to cooperate so *shrugs* got these ones, instead. And for all the cuteness and togetherness somewhat implied by them, Yogi made sure to later go after Hiko just to balance things out.

Also, the food and the litterbox came (UPS returned to the facility Wed.s, and we had to meet them down at the end of our driveway Thurs., which is about a half-mile of hill, in the dark, so we could put the stuff in the trunk of our car that we couldn't get up the driveway. Then, with a road covered in ice, we had to make our back up.

Let's not forget we (and that includes a little kindergartener, too) were making the trek multiple times a day for days now. Fun.

Luckily, today we were able to get enough icemelt to do some damage and we got the car up. YAY! Funnily, the food was still COMPLETELY frozen, :D

And now that the litterbox is here, we'll be sitting up Hiko's FN soon \o/ Also, for my xmas pressie, we are ripping up the carpet in the ferret room and putting down either laminate or vinyl flooring, because, god. They are set on making a disgusting *mess* out of that carpet.

Oh! I signed up for Secret Santa at the Holistic Ferret Forum, and I got my pressies ordered and shipped out today! ahahahahahaha, awesome. But I'm just terrified. WHAT IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT OR ARE LIKE :\ WHY'D YOU PICK THAT? SERIOUSLY?



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