Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I can already tell you, this isn't going to end well

AHAHAHAHAHA, you know WHAT? I have 48 lbs of food coming today (as well as Hiko's litterbox from crafty creatures), and we can't get up or down our driveway.


We've been having to walk it for the past few days, and it's a steep 1/2 mile stretch of pathetic, iced-over gravel dust road. Not fun, but doable.

Today? Well, we got more snow last night (so, yay, more ice), and even walking it is impossible. Not that I'd want to try lugging 48 lbs uphill or anything, because HA NO. My totebag's bad enough when packed for classes.

Basically, it's like that "ice rink" Sian's playing in up there. Except, you know, bigger and more dangerous.


(no, really, I do like winter, but this stuff was supposed to WAIT KTHNX).

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