Monday, December 6, 2010


No particular order :D

Sian loved it, Pixie went out twice - once unharnessed and once with. She didn't have so much fun that second time. Both boys hated it, but Yogi stayed calmer with it (Hiko actually backed out of his harness and headed straight for the door to get back inside!). I plopped Yogi in the middle of the pen to get a pic as he was racing back toward me (ha!), he then crawled from the ground all the way up into my arms (where we got the one pic) by himself. Yeah, he wasn't impressed.

Also! HIKO LOVES RABBIT! I was giving Ben some of the stored rabbit chunks when (without hope) I just decided to offer Hiko one. He (never having tried it before) did not hesitate to snatch it from my hands and go to town on it. \o/


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