Tuesday, November 30, 2010

look, it's new and *pretty*

So, Hiko's very own FN arrived today (just a bit ago, actually). What's great about it (besides the awesomeness that is FN) is that I ordered it off of Ferret.com, and they have the new models in stock! Also ramp covers FOR FREE, DEWDS!

It's wonderful, especially as Hiko has some difficulty moving around (old injuries/damage to his hind legs).

Here, have a pic of the shelf (SOLID PLASTIC that can still detach, but from underneath and not with the weird system the old models have!). It looks so much nicer, not to mention safer:

Also, ramp covers! They're pretty! They're well-made! They are two-toned (not shown is the purple underside)! They match Hiko's blanket and cuddly cup already!:

Granted, I'm not looking forward to putting it together (oh my sweet jeebus, NO), but I can't wait for it to be up ;D I still have to wait, though, because I need to order and *get* the custom commode from ferret.com WHAT craftycreatures.com before Hiko/everyone gets access to the cage (I don't want any accidents! It's too pretty to get stained!). My paycheck better hurry up >:|. Well, it's ordered, now it just has to get here!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - I'm so thrilled, I think Hiko's going to love having his own set up. Also I must rope my dad into building another ramp in and out of the cage, heehee.


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