Saturday, November 27, 2010

funny how these things work out

I finally saw Nona's comment on my other post (thanks Yahoo for eating my comments before I even know they're there. It's great), and it's weird 'cause I was just about to do a post on how everyone's getting along.

So, to answer your question, Nona, I bring pictures. And a story:

These are my [sweet, beautiful] girls, Pixie and Sian ...

Not even Hiko can [nor does he really *want* to] resist the potential for a snuggly cuddle with them ...

Hiko starts getting comfy ... *dun dun dun* ... and then the Yogi Terror enters the scene ...

Yogi acts like a bully and knocks Hiko out of the way. He then plops himself in front of my [sweet, beautiful] girls (the THEY ARE MINE; BACK OFF couldn't be anymore clearer at this point) ...

Hiko *really* wants that snuggle, so he steels himself and jumps in, regardless of Yogi's pissy attitude (and Sian's in the back, like "okay, let's not get into it; keep it friendly, guys," since they're, you know, laying *on* her at this point) ...

Needless to say, Yogi Terror is not pleased with this development. Yogi proceeds to vent his frustration, culminating in Hiko screeching and fighting to get out of there as quickly as he can ...

And this is the way it works out. Yogi gets the girl[s] ...

And Hiko potters off by himself ...

That's a pretty typical situation. Yogi tolerates Hiko's presence, mostly, but I don't think Yogi really likes him. At all. The girls do. They'll play and sleep with Hiko (when Yogi doesn't interfere, and sometimes even if he does. They'll get up and leave him, if he's being a particular ass, and hang out with Hiko).

It's not ideal, maybe, but it works. The guys don't really seem to hold a grudge about it. The tiff happens, they move on until the next time. They'll eat together, but Yogi WILL NOT play with him. He just absolutely refuses every invitation Hiko extends.

But I did order the FN142, so Hiko will have his very own cage whenever it's needed and at night, so he doesn't have to find somewhere out in the room, if he doesn't want to. It never feels very "homey" like that at night. It's too big and open, and I don't think Hiko enjoys not having a choice. So, we'll get him set up with that, plus a few more sleep cubes for options for *everyone*.

But with all the ~not getting along that's been going on, I do enjoy Hiko. I'm so glad I answered that ad on CL and brought him home. He's shaping up into a wonderful, loving, well behaved boy, and I can't imagine not having him here. *smushes*


  1. Awwww! Poor Hiko! Such a lonely little boy :(

    Your photos are great, Sunny - you must have a really top notch camera!

    My quintet have settled beautifully, apart from Angus occasionally grabbing Kimiko by the head, which causes lots of squeals and stink bombs.

    However Mojo is jealous and she is taking it out on ME! I just wrote a post about how she's acting these days and I am not impressed!

    Mind you, having said that, I do think it's probably better that she does take it out on me and not on the little one :)

  2. I feel bad for him, I do. Sian's being sweeter with him, though, and now that Yog's has finished his shed, he's not as mean (shedding always makes him into a jerk. he's always so uncomfortable). Granted, I don't want to jinx anything, and tiffs still happen, but I've caught Hiko in the cage quite a few times with them, so ;D

    I just have a sony cybershot (those pictures? taken at night without an overhead light, ha). it's not the most professional thing, but for the price ($144) it does really well!


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