Sunday, November 21, 2010

ooo, look. 200th post!

In honor of this momentous event, have another Triad eating ground turkey PICSPAM:

Weird observation #391: Hiko smells like Razzles.
Weird observation #392: Sian look ginormous next to ... well, everyone, ahahaha, I ♥ winter so :D
And just one plain old observation: my babies are just the cutest. things. EVER.

In other news: Yogi and Hiko got into a pretty loud tiff earlier today in one of the hammocks in the cage (got some great Hiko cuddle!time out of that one). Yet, I go in there this evening to feed them, and all four are snuggling together in a sheet.


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  1. Hi Sunny

    How are your gorgeous gang of four getting on together? We've had some spats between Kimiko and Angus ... he thinks it's funny to just reach over and grab her by the head but she doesn't appreciate his humour :D

    Am most impressed seeing those photos of your babies chowing down on the turkey. I need to put the boneless chicken thighs in the food processor to chop the meat up as they refuse to eat it if the chunks are too big or too small. Sheesh!


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