Friday, November 19, 2010

mini quail eating picspam and WORDS

God, doesn't she look just like a kit? *draws hearts*

If you couldn't tell, I gave the Tetrad day old quail again. Sian scarfed hers down in seconds (she ate the head, ate the chest, got down to the stomach and then went a bit lower, and then squirted all the insides out into her mouth like some really bloody jelly doughnut or something :\ ). Pixie ate the head off of hers and then Yogi actually stole it and ate it.

Go figure on that score. I had only unthawed three because I figured only Pixie and Sian would eat them. Well, Kai (our kitten) got the third one. Had fun throwing it around and smacking it into things before eating it. Still, I figured one for each of my girls. Except NOW Yogi's decided they're delicious.

Of course, it's Yogi, so I don't know why I'm surprised.

Hiko didn't have any (at least I predicted that right), so I had a back up, a bowl full of hearts (and my last "meal". I've got two pounds of turkey hearts unthawing as we speak). He absolutely adores them!

In other news: this morning, when I went to go put Hiko in the cage before leaving for work, I saw that all 4 of them were in the cage (Hiko upstairs on the main floor in the floorsack, and the Triad upstairs on the shelf in a cuddly cup). I was torn, but I ultimately decided that since it was just a workday and not a work-and-classes-day, that I'd leave the cage open for everyone.

Well, there's no blood, and they were all back in the cage when I checked on them (Hiko in the hammock that's by the cuddly cup that the Triad were in. Ahahaha, he's getting closer). I've also noticed that Yogi's toning his obssession down a bit (no jinxing!).

Other than that, I was just floored by how excited everyone is to see me when I get home (or in the mornings, or whenver, really ;D). Granted it takes my guys about 30 minutes to actually WAKE UP and get with it, but they're always just snuggly and kissy and "ooo, mom, yay!" Even Hiko.


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