Thursday, November 18, 2010

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More assorted pics from today:

So this was Hiko's second day being caged during the day while I'm at school. He scratches a bit in the beginning, but he settles down before I'm even out of the house.

I think it's by far the best solution. By the time I get home, Hiko's ready to come out, Yogi and Pixie are jonesing to get in the cage, and Sian's willing to spend some time playing/exploring with Hiko (and Hiko really works to get her attention, too, it's sweet. I almost think he has a little crush on my baby girl, ha).

Yogi's getting a bit better with Hiko. They got into one tiff last night (they were sleeping together in the floor sack when it started, so IDEK). He's done a little face smushing, but I was able to distract him from it, and it was a pleasant evening (so far, anyway), until the Lovebirds went up into the cage for a nap.

I don't know. I hate to see Yogi so ... unsettled. People on the Holistic Ferret forum brought up a good point - that it could be an early sign of adrenal (hormones making him aggressive). The thing is - I don't see Yogi as being "aggressive" even when he's making Hiko shriek (and, for the record, that boy is LOUD, regardless. He chuckles constantly when he's out and about. He'll even scream when he's playing in the crackle tunnels by himself). It seems to be a bit more like confusion, and trying to figure things out.

We'll see, though. December's looking like the month of vet visits (I found a promising vet in Blacksburg, ahahaha), really. I want to get Pixie and Yogi a 4 month Lupron depot to see how they respond to them and I want to get Hiko a general exam and a blood-glucose test.

As for food, Hiko's still firmly attached to turkey and duck ground food (well, and hearts). He's really refusing anything else. Still, though, that's pretty darn good, I must say ;D

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