Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here, have a pic of Sian squishing everybody:

Well, so, I should be at work, and then I should be going to class. Instead, I'm home.

Why am I home?

I'll tell you: during one of the many scuffles that took place yesterday between Yogi and Hiko, I raced downstairs to hear a bunch of screams and shrieks. In my hand was my MP3 player. I tossed the player onto the top of the pony wall, got into the ferret room and started checking ferrets over. Not until much, much later did I realize where my MP3 player was.

I went, got it and looked it over, and thought everything was fine. I get to the college today, get into the bathroom so I can put in my earbuds for the walk to the Library (where I work), when I see that what I took to be the soft rubber part of the earbuds (and why I thought everything was copasetic) was in fact the hard plastic part of the earbuds.

So what happened to the soft rubber?

Well, IT'S GONE. G-O-N-E. I'm assuming in this instance "gone" = "in someone's stomach."

Yeah. So screech to a stop right there. I turned my butt around, headed home and now I've dosed everyone with pumpkin (because everyone has passed stool, although someone has some worryingly small poos), and now am waiting for everyone to go to the bathroom.

Pray that the buds are passed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

And that brings us to the other point of this post. Hiko and Yogi. Things are getting a bit rougher in that department. So much so, that I've decided (until my holiday breaks) to cage Hiko in the Triad's cage during the day when I'm gone, and let him back out in the evening and all night (when the Triad is caged). I've also put Yogi back on the rescue remedy (he's been off of it since a day or two after Hiko came).

My plan would have worked beautifully, if this emergency hadn't cropped up. GDI.

ETA: Yay! So far, someone has passed one whole ear bud and half of the other. Now, I'm just waiting on the last piece and we'll be in the clear. I'm still not sure who, since they seem extra shy about pottying when I'm around, but I KNOW it's one of the boys. They were the only two up when I saw it, and they *both* were scurrying away from the piddle pad >:| One pile was the earbud pile and one was a healthy, regular poo, so *shrugs*

DEAR GOD, GUYS, I LOVE PUMPKIN. Anyone reading this who doesn't have at least one can needs to go and get one. There's no way laxatone or vaseline or olive oil would have worked *this* time or for Yogi's Great Hairball Incident of '08.

\o/ /o/ \o/ \o\ \o/

ETA II: and the last piece made its way out, and everybody (Hiko. IT WAS HIKO) is in the clear. That's quite enough drama for today, ugh.

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  1. OMG, what an awful thing to happen but tell me, Sunny, what kind of pumpkin do you give them? In a can? Don't think we have that sort of stuff here in WOz :(

    Glad the bud passed through without incident = phew!

    Had a similar worry last week when I saw a cotton bud (Q-tip) in the bathroom with one side of cotton missing. Got the cat furball ointment out and gave everyone a taste so the next lot of poop was lovely and dark and sticky. Couldn't see any cotton wool but since they all seem fine, I'm hoping that, too, passed through whichever little sweetie ate it ;)

    Ferrets, gotta love 'em!!! No wonder I have white hair :D


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