Monday, November 15, 2010

some Triad pics and assorted info

Sleepy Triad ...

... morphs into in-your-face!Triad ...

Pixie was being a bit camera on this particular day, so no real good shots of her :C

I tried giving everyone pheasant for supper last night. Hiko was a hard sell - I actually had to dust it with some left over kibble crumbs :C to get him to try it. So far he seems pretty hard-set on the turkey and duck and nothing else.

So turkey and duck is what he's getting (... unless I can hide some goose in either one of those and get him used to that meat. At least it'll be three protein sources! *snerk*).

Today's been a pretty good day, so far (Yogi's protest poos aside, ;D ). Hopefully the trend will keep up!


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