Sunday, November 14, 2010

oh ... did I say that?

Here have one of my favorite - ahem - Tetrad pics (except for how my girls are painfully oblivious). I debated using this as the new header, but thought the final one was more suitable:

And in that lovely, contrary fert-y way, Yogi made certain to turn me into a liar.

First thing after letting them out, he went and got into a scuffle with Hiko. I'm aware that I probably shouldn't have broken it up, since no one had puffed tails during it, but Hiko is just SO FREAKIN LOUD. So I got them out of the cube they were in and Yogi didn't try it again, although he kept with the Pepe le Pew act until he went to go lie down with Pixie.

It was just kind of out of the blue. I think it might be a mixture of built up tension and hunger (they still refuse to eat in the cage at night) - since I didn't immediately handfeed everyone when they got out, like I usually try to do.

Also, the only other "different" thing was that Hiko and I got into a little ... argument, about the piddle pads last night when the Triad was put up for the night. He thought he should rip at the duct tape holding them to the corners. I thought he shouldn't. So there was hissing and stuff.

Yogi really doesn't like it when I'm hissed at (Pixie only did it when Yew was alive. When he died and Yogi and Sian came, she stopped). I don't know if that aggravated him so much that he remembered into the next day and took it out on Hiko when he had a chance or what (my mom thinks that's more likely. When I scoffed a bit at that, she did bring up a good point. Ferrets do tend to have intense, lingering emotions. Witness their grief and shelter shock, and how they bond, so *shrugs* Maybe).

The good thing about that? Hiko wanted cuddles after the spat was over! I picked him up and held him for a bit, and then put him down and he climbed back in my lap until Yogi was completely settled again.

After that, I fed them all (boneless duck breast and bowl of hearts) and they wandered off to sleep (again. and still.).

And you guys get front row seats to the spectacle that is me trying to figure this whole thing out. Talking about it, I was advised to cage Hiko with the Triad tonight and see how that goes. It was brought to my attention that I might be making things worse, and that for the Triad, they might not understand why Hiko gets treated so differently, and it might be putting them off of him.

So, since I have tomorrow off (and can therefore stay up later and keep an ear out for any problems) I'm going to try it and see how that goes o_O It'll be interesting to see if they actually eat their food during the night. Hmmm

Yeah, so I didn't, ultimately, cage Hiko with them. I just didn't get a good vibe, and I really don't want to make the situation worse by butting in where they're trying to handle it. However, after putting the Triad up and getting Hiko set up, I didn't linger in the room. Yogi was fine this morning (I also managed to handfeed everyone first thing, too).

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