Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tetrad v. duck

... I wonder who won? ;D

I found a left over duck piece in the freezer when I was sorting through and seeing what was almost gone, and decided wth, why not? So they got that + 1 duck neck. I think they were pretty happy. And look, rabid eater Sian is already learning to share (only with Hiko, though, but I'll take what I can get).

The 60 lbs of food I ordered came tonight. Sadly, it's sitting in our car at the bottom of our driveway, awaiting tomorrow, where we will get a sled and haul the food in pounds at a time. Hurray.


I was going to give them a bit of pork trim tonight (although today was a bone in/bone in day), but since I can't, I switched it up. The Triad's getting ground bone-in duck, and I'm going to try Hiko with bone in ground rabbit (he likes the chunks, so I'm hoping the ground's a hit, too). We'll see, we'll see :)

Other than that, Hiko has gotten heavy. He doesn't look much bigger, but you need two hands to pick him up, he's like a stone. Ha, he's loving his new diet <3 Every time he hears me open the freezer or fridge, he's in the ferret room popping and dooking, it's so cute

(oh, and yes, I switched up the blog. What can I say? I got bored, and well. It's a new year soon, anyway!)

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