Thursday, December 30, 2010

open for business

So, I decided to open up Hiko's cage during the day. I figured his scent was well established by now and it wouldn't hurt. Of course, the Triad acted like they'd never seen a cage before, and when Yogi caught sight of Hiko's pillow case, he freaked out and had to stuff it into the floor sack. Apparently that's the only place a pillow case belongs:

And in food news: I did give Hiko the ground rabbit. He ate most of it, but he was pretty full from the duck (and I accidently left it in the room overnight, so I think he went back to it, ha). Ben got a bit of a smorgasbord this morning (left over duck piece, ground duck and ground rabbit. Yum).

We were able to get the car up this evening, so I'm going to try my guys on the pork trim (but I have the duck and rabbit as back up ;D). Oh! And I have two of our cats (Asai and Kai) starting the switch. So I bought them the 10 lb sampler and some meat meals from hare-today, as well. Talk about expensive, LOL, but it'll be worth it if they enjoy it. I also picked up fish oil from them, as well, and the cats and dogs enjoyed it. Hopefully the Tetrad will, too.

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