Friday, December 31, 2010


So the Tetrad tried the pork. It was a hit with Hiko, and Sian and Pixie came on board with just a bit of coaxing. Yogi was being a diva, though, and wouldn't eat any (he did try it), but that's not unusual for him with a new meal. The second or third meal is when he decides yes/no, and NOT ONE MINUTE BEFORE, MOM, JEEZ. I TOLD YOU >:|

Also, Kai loved it. I was chopping it into meals (and here I thought it was already "trimmed" into chunks, but no, it was "trimmed" off into a big frozen pig-filled slab, yay) and she kept stealing it, so today I gave the cats it for a meal. They devoured it and wanted more, FTW!

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