Tuesday, December 28, 2010

random is as random does


And because my guys can be stubborn brats, they still haven't graduated beyond the day-old babies :\


Hiko actually ate one today. Picked the biggest, too, and just went to town :D I was surprised, because this is the first time he's shown interest, and two, he fought Sian off (who was busy trying to hoard all SIX quail. The glutton).

Yogi still prefers to play "scavenger" and wait for someone to get half way done with one and then swoop in and steal it. And Pixie? Still doesn't recognize it as food until I show her the feet. Then, it's all "OMG, QUAIL FEET YUM NOM" and the actual body just ... happens. God, I love her ♥

That's about it - oh! except my hare-today shipment should be here tomorrow, and I get to try everyone on the pork trim.

Fun times ;D

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