Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PLAY TIME PICSPAM (but first a few words from our sponsor)

... I think the Tetrad's room looks pretty fun, personally. (of course, there's always room for more toys ;D). And yeah, Pixie's in the little cage, splashing water every where.

Anyway, onto the picspam:


  1. Hey, I dropped by from another ferret blog (hopping ferret blogs) and was looking around.

    Your little furry friends are adorable and that is a great room you made for them. It's a great idea that they have a place all to themselves, so they don't get a chance to run into any hazards.

  2. I love blog hopping, too, and welcome to this one!

    Thanks - I really do love their room. We have so many other animals (5 dogs, 5 cats, 1 rabbit), and little kids (my 3 nieces) that we really can't have my Tetrad out and about safely (plus, little kids stress Pix out). Before we even moved in, we "created" their and Cinder's rooms out of one long living room, and it's worked out nicely, I think :D


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