Thursday, December 16, 2010

random post - i haz brayns

Decided to post some random pics of the other day, since I'm sitting here waiting for duck necks to unthaw (blargh, bad timing).

And since I'm here posting pics, I thought I'd ramble on half coherently while they're loading.

That first pic is what I like to call Sian's "hey, mom, mom, see me, mom? Love me, mom? Hey, hey, mom? I wanna give kisses, mom. MOM!" I love how much she's always loved me, but sometimes WHY THE CLING, SIAN? No one's good enough for her, but that I'm constantly having to carry, pet, and kiss on her (or get kissed by her, and it's sweet but sometimes I can't *move* but she's right there in my face o_O). I wouldn't trade it for any *independent* fert-y attitude, believe me, but sometimes I just gotta shake my head at my sweet lil baby.

CHECK OUT MY PLANS: I gotta clean the fridge, 'cause some meat leaked, and now there's blood all in the meat drawer (yay, fun. At least this is a fridge pretty much dedicated to fert-y things, ha). I'm also going to take out a dressed quail and some rabbit chunks for the Tetrad's breakfast, and some hearts for supper (gosh, I'm plotting things out ahead of time, how ingenuous ;D).

And I've really gotta get some ground meat infused with rabbit organs mixed up. I wanna start feeding the "enhanced" meals once a week, just to cover my bases (note to self: laaazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy)

Also, the Triad's shelves should be coming soon, and I gotta get the rest of their bedding washed so everything's nice and pretty smelling (still gotta wait for Hiko's to arrive ... next week?)

OH! Did anyone else watch Pets 101 featuring ferrets? Was anyone else kinda disappointed with how they handled them? I kinda got the feeling they were a bit more abrupt than they were with any of the other animals. Plus, you know, baths once a week? Really, Animal Planet?

Also, I was a bit :\ about the whole altering before nine months thing. Granted, you don't want to leave a female in heat, but the idea is to try to keep altering til as late as possible, which can sometimes be adjusted by kinda doing what mass breeders do, but opposite: adjust lighting so that the light cycles reflect winter's cycle (less light, more darkness).

Anything to help ward off the dreaded adrenal, right? AND, the chewing on toes thing? The way they handled that made it seem like they were implying that ferrets tend to chew off baby feet every other day or something.

And they didn't even talk about diets or anything. I think *that* would have made an interesting segment (and they did for almost every other animal. DO NOT THINK I DIDN'T NOTICE, A-P).

I don't know. I'm tired and *braiiiiiiiiiiiins* from finals and papers (and I'm not even *done* gdi), but I was seriously not impressed.


  1. Hi, candiceboggs from The Holistic Ferret Forum. :)

    I was at Lane Ferret Shelter for that filming, but I haven't watched the episode yet. If you saw a tale, pale, awkward girl in a dress with long red hair helping a white ferret (my friend's ferret) get through the agility course, I guess I made it in. XD The ferret's name is Banshee and she chased the moving camera, I wonder if that made it into the shot. She's a beautiful DEW with eyeliner!

  2. sorry so late, blogger's a jerk with commenting!

    I actually caught the 4 a.m. showing of it, so my recollection (besides what peeved me off and the general 'FERRETS') is blurry. I do remember the obstacle course, though!

    (also, I <3 that ferret's name! ;D)


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