Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sad news

There won't be a new addition to the Triad. Unfortunately, the ferret I was expecting this Saturday suffered wounds from a dog attack and died sometime Wednesday. I'm heartbroken - I was very much looking forward to Mimi's arrival, and introducing her to the Triad. More than that, I was horror struck at the accident. That's never pleasant to consider. She's at the Bridge, now, though, and not suffering. Thank god.

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  1. Oh God, Sunny! I am so behind in checking out your blog due to little human grandson that I only just saw your post about Mimi. I am so sorry - that is awful news :(

    I confess I was wondering why you had Hiko instead of Mimi initially but didn't have time to go through all your posts till now.

    Poop! What lousy news :((


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