Monday, November 1, 2010

hanging out with mama - PICSPAM

So, the Triad heard me cleaning Cinder's room, and they were very adamant that I come in and visit. I did, and boy - I got a *lot* of attention (although most of this is skewed toward the Twins, and mostly toward Sian, 'cause that's how she rolls, ya'll).

Then, of course, you sometimes get:

I guess I'm just *that* boring, haha.


  1. Hi I love all your ferret pics! They look like they are totally and utterly spoilt rotten just like mine! I would rather spend money on them then on myself haha :)

    I love your blog! Check out my website on ferrets. there are heaps of ferret photo's on there too!
    Some are mine and some have been donated from ferrents on the Ferret-World Facebook page.

    Here is the link to my site:

    Facebook page:

  2. yes, they are kinda spoiled ('cause, hey, I feel the same as you - I'd rather get stuff for them than for me!).

    I definitely will check out your site :D thanks for stopping by.


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