Sunday, October 31, 2010

step by painful step

Okay, well, everyone's getting a maybe-recycled picture of Miss Pix. 'CAUSE I CAN, that's way >:|

I did it - ordered almost everything I need for M - M's arrival. At Hare-Today, I ordered some boneless duck breasts, boneless turkey thighs, and boneless lamb (hey, even the Triad's getting this. It's another uber-great food for Miss Pix's tummy o' doom).

For the Triad I did get a few new things, too. I did get them 1 lb. of goose to try, the white fish, and I got them frozen whole prey quail (so they're fully intact: feathers, organs, all that good stuff). Not only did I do that, but I got them every. single. size. they had available (that's 1 day old, 1 week old, 3 week old and adult). It's kind of horrendous, a bit, to think about, but also very awesome for the Triad's sake.

They better eat them and like it, is all I'm saying.

Then, I stopped by crafty-creatures, ahahahaha. They were having a special on a few of their bedding packages, so I picked up a cuddly cup and a blanket for $25 (in dark jade! or possibly gray! depending!) for M - M. I also picked up some all natural mite treatment and ear soother/cleaner. 'Cause, well, the stress and new ferret and all that jazz. Better safe than sorry.

And, after talking with Angela awhile about it, I decided to try Bach's rescue remedy. It's supposed to help reduce stress/anxiety/fear. She said she had experience using it and it did help in her situation. So I picked up a bottle and as soon as it arrives I'll be dosing the Triad with it, and when M - M gets here I'll start dosing her.

The only thing I forgot, that I really wanted to get, was Hare-Today's probiotics. I wanted a bag for M - M's transition. We'll muddle through without, I guess :C

Going to the store today. Will pick up the TOY, YAY :DDDDDDDD and then I'll be done \o/


  1. Sunny - I do think your Bach will help. There is a lot of information on this site, which you may or may not know about

  2. I'll take a look at that, thanks, but unfortunately I was informed that Meela was injured by a dog Wednesday and didn't make it, so it won't be needed for that (however, it might help for vet visits, right?)


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