Saturday, October 30, 2010

look at my awkward segues and MARVEL!

I am day by day getting things situated for Mimi a.k.a Meela's impending arrival. Amazingly, these things are pretty much Triad-centric. I washed all their bedding last night, clipped their nails today, and plan on cleaning their room tomorrow.

*More unnecessary cage shots because I! Cleaned! Their! Bedding!*

*Pixie! They're eating pheasant, I think? YUM*

*The Twins eating "together" - where "eating together" = inability to successfully complete tug-of-war with GROUND FOOD*

Okay, so maybe, at second glance, that's not related to the new fuzzy's arrival. Oops.

I've got to clean and rearrange my bathroom (where in-the-flesh intros will be done, with the help of a trickling shower head, hahahaha), buy M - M some new bedding (large bed and possibly a pet-throw), a new toy (because I've done that for each new guy, and it really seems to help to have something new and neutral in the room that everyone can climb on and get their scent on. Plus, this is my excuse to buy them something I've been DYING to for a while, now. MULTITASKING ROX), and oh yeah - set up her cage (quick or slow, depending on what it is, which I still don't know).

I still have to wash all the Triad's hard toys with some vinegar water, and I'll probably wash their bedding/really scrub cage before the end of the week, too. Just to cut down some of the established scents (but not enough to upset the Triad, either, haha no).

And - we have can after can of pumpkin and jars of baby food and bags of Carnivore Care to soothe upset tummies (here's looking at you, Pixie). I know M - M hasn't had pumpkin OR Carnivore Care, so I realize it's not going to help the poor girl (yay, another thing to have to expose her to/force feed - AFTER she's settled and all that good stuff. But's it's always something to look forward to ;_;).

I also plan on ordering some boneless ground food from Hare Today, since I always transition with just meat during and for a few days after they are completely switched (my estimated bill for JUST food is looking to be around ~$200-250 w/o shipping charges).

This is especially true since even the fine ground has chunks of sizeable bone in it. You'd be surprised the trouble the adults have learning how to use their mouths and jaws to eat bone safely. So - meatless, to necks, then to all the other good stuff!

I'll do that Monday/Sunday, and it should be here by Wednesday, so that's good. I'll pick up all her other stuff Monday, too, and have it safely stashed away.

All in all, I should be nicely prepared by the time next Saturday rolls around.

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