Thursday, October 28, 2010

so. you know how I said ...

... I wouldn't "do that" to the Triad? "That" being another ferret?


Yeah, I apparently I will.


Mimi (soon to be Meela), a one and a half year old sprite. Her and her cage will be traveling to our house next Saturday. The Triad will eventually become a foursome. Oops.

It all started because my former brother in law, still close friend sent me a text about a friend of a friend of his having to give away her ferret because she's moving to take care of her father.

He also sent a picture. That one. Up there. Yeah.

So I'm hoping the Triad will be lenient. I hope so, because that babe's kibble fed, and she's a year and a half. Her transition is going to be like Pixie's (i.e. hellish) rather than like the Twins' (i.e. a piece of cake). I really would like a pretty calm ferty introduction (although, even if it goes smoothly, she won't be caged with them until she's completely on raw).

Unfortunately, I work the weekend she'll be brought up, but I'm thinking I might work that Friday, but take Sunday off, so I can just kind of get her settled and adjusted before the new week, at least, begins.

Oh my god. Wish me luck.

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