Thursday, November 4, 2010

... and another - WHOLE PREY PICSPAM

But first! The new toy is up and ... not being used, except to lay in, like once. Or twice.

Uh. Hurray? :\

Next, my order came last night. First thing I did was take out some day old whole prey quail to unthaw. And then I gave them to the Triad:

What you really can't see here, is that the girls ate them. Sian, especially, chomped down after getting adjusted to OMG! THE FEATHERZ! (and, well, is that a surprise, look at the size of my baby girl!) Yogi was a bit more hesitant, and I don't know if he actually got any of the quail (he seemed pretty hungry when I gave them duck later, and Sian really wasn't - so I'm thinking she ate 2 of the quail-lets).

And here, have a little video of Sian swinging a quail-let around:

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