Monday, November 8, 2010

the pepe le pew and penelope saga continues which Yogi is Pepe and Hiko is, well, Penelope.

But first! Gratuitous pic of Hiko eating boneless duck breast and crushed eggshell with a kibble crumble on top (*snerk*):

So, he's had turkey and duck without bone, and now I'm adding in the eggshell for 1) texture [to get ready for BONE] and of course 2) calcium.

He's still mainly going by the kibble smell to let him know it's food (although he rarely eats the big pieces of kibble now. He usually pushes those out of the way). He has, however, eaten a bit of the Triad's food (same thing as his, last night, except theirs had a little olive oil and no kibble) this morning, but it was slightly old and he glared to let me know he didn't appreciate having to fall so low so early.

So, food's going as planned. Of course, tomorrow is classes so that's going to complicate things (he eats often), but we'll manage.

As for interactions: he's warming up to me, little by little. He's doing alright with the Triad, too, and some of the affinity is in part due to the help of the rescue remedy stuff (so, so nice to have on hand!). Yogi seems alternately fascinated by him and maybe a little slyly dominating (possibly? Their dynamics are a little adorable, and a lot - this time around, and maybe that's due to the age of the new guy - muddled). But there's only ever a scuffle, really, when Hiko attempts to get into the big FN (especially when he tries crawling into the sweater and dog bed combo on the first floor).

Yogi seems to fidget with him and annoy the ever-loving LIFE out of Hiko until he's screeching and fighting to get back out. I haven't really seen anyone try to bite or anything, but I did catch Yogi trying to chew and lick on Hiko's ears (a la his time as kit. He did the same to Pixie, who would screech and whimper).

There are times, too, when Hiko wants to be alone ... to recupe. But my guys throw such a fit if he's locked away (and I noticed that Hiko had a bit less of a problem with it than they did, ha!), that it's still not really restful for him. I managed to distract them enough that he got to take a nap alone for once, and without anyone doing this:

to him, which he doesn't mind until he does. Yesterday, Yogi crawled on top of him in a cuddly cup and started cleaning himself. He dug his boney little legs and elbows into Hiko's belly. All I could hear was, "heeeh, heeeeeeeh, heeeh." Yogi would stop once and a while, lean down and snitch him like, "calm down. You can obviously breathe, so what's your problem?" and then go right back to cleaning himself


If we can just tone down Yogi's obssession, we'll be golden.

ETA: Well, Hiko's eaten two meals without kibble, and wolfed them very enthusiastically, to boot.

Also, going to cage the Triad tonight, cover the cage, and leave Hiko free access. Yogi's getting a little depressed, so I want to get them back to *their* regular schedule, and caging them at night always makes my guys feel more comfortable than being left open so, *shrugs* we'll see how that does. (also, gave the Triad pumpkin (for Sian) and pumpkin soupies for the Lovebirds. Yogi did eat that very heartily, so \o/)


  1. Oh Sunny - Hiko is such a gorgeous fella! It's great to have a different "colour" in the family, don't you think? Do you think you'll expand or is 4 the limit?

    Big hugs to Hiko and the triad from across the seas from me and my gang :)

  2. It really is something else. He's so light that I'm always doing double takes whenever I see him! I thought I'd maybe always have just sables, but since I agreed to take him in, sight unseen, I got a surprise, and he's a handsome, handsome boy.

    4 isn't the set limit (I thought 3 was, and then I got an itching to add on *headdesk*) :D I don't think I'd ever want more than 5 or 6, though, at the max.

    But 4 ... I think we'll be staying at this number for a good long time before I even think about another addition!

  3. Hahaha - I know what you mean. My first ferret was an albino, then I wanted another colour so got a silvermitt kit. My God, was that a wake-up call in the life of being a ferrent! Then I had to have a black eyed white and, of course, a sable, or two, or three!!

    They are all so gorgeous and so individual in their personalities, aren't they?

    I'm presently on the waiting list for another silvermitt girl and sable boy so I look forward
    to introducing them to you when they become part of the family!

    *smacks head* I must be crazy :D

  4. Yes, they really are unique. Hiko reminds me a lot of Yew, my first male. He's a bit of a saucy thing, but he's learning (and overcoming some abuse issues, if I'm any judge).

    Ooo, new ferts! I'd love a breeder ferret, myself, and can't wait to see pictures/read introductions when the time comes :D


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