Sunday, November 7, 2010

day 1.5 - ish

So this *was* going to have two sections, one about Hiko's adjustment, and then some Triad pictures. However, the uploader is being an ass, so Triad pictures are on hold until later.

In the meantime, Hiko stuff!

I decided last night to leave both the FN open and his cage open. The Lovebirds had been snuggling with him in *his* cage, so I knew they'd be okay with him in *their* cage with them. However, Sian won't sleep with him, and she's showing me that she's just not ready to have him locked up in the big cage with her.

So, because I didn't want him completely separated, I left everything open. Everyone was good and the Lovebirds would alternate between the FN and Sian, and the small cage and Hiko, so :D

This morning, I went in to straighten up the room (because he's being stubborn about not using the piddle pads to go potty). I noticed as I was cleaning that he was really, really bitey.


I hurried up, finished cleaning, and got him some more kibble-dusted boneless turkey thighs (everything from last night was gone \o/!). He even forewent the big pieces of kibble to focus on the meat. He's having a hard time figuring out how to move his head to get at it, but he'll get there soon.

Also, I don't know what's happened to him in his 2 years, really, but I did notice some hind-leg weakness. We'll see if the raw food can strengthen his muscles and get that sorted.

You'll be happy to know that as soon as he ate his fill (which was more than half of a pretty sizeable meatball), he was sweet and I got to scratch his head and neck before he went to take a nap).

Here, have a vid and some stills of his progress so far:

Overall? I think he's pretty happy:

ETA: we're already on the second meal of the day, and I'm decreasing the amount of kibble on the top, since he's actually starting to lose interest in it.

AND! He's actually sleeping with Sian, this time (he did it right, and get in BESIDE her, and not on top of her, which she did not like when he first tried it).

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