Saturday, November 6, 2010

Introducing ... HIKO!

*Hiko (pronounced "hee-ko") has two meanings, that I could find. First, it's Inuit for "ice"; second, it's Japanese for "boy." So it suits him both ways!*

So, today we have brought Hiko (formerly Gizmo) home. He's a "two-year" (I'm gonna go ahead and say that he's in actuality 3.5 or so) old silver ferret. He's a sweetie, although he can and - did - bite. Hard, too. My upper palm (that fleshy skin right under my fingers) is swollen and I have a puncture mark :C

He's chewed on a heart (duck or turkey, but I don't know which). He wasn't mean or shy when Sian tried to steal it (although ultimately she took off with it). He also had some pumpkin (plain - out of Sian's bowl) so that's great for his tummy and to flush anything out! Right now, he's got kibble dusted boneless turkey thighs.

The Triad are being absolutely amazing with him. Hiko's alligator rolled Yogi twice pretty viciously. I think that's only because Yogi actually scares him, although Yog's isn't being mean, there's just something about him that makes Hiko anxious.

The only time Yogi does anything is to "discipline" him when he bites me. Pixie and Yogi handled it the first time (I was a bit too shocked at the time). Went over there and stood over him and pushed his head to the ground. The next, I dealt with it, but Sian went and twisted his neck skin just enough to feel it, like "don't do that again." And, well, he hasn't :D

He's trying to be good, but he's just a bit overwhelmed right now. The Triad is sleeping in Hiko's cage, and Hiko's sleeping in their cube, so that's fine. Slowly but surely we'll get everyone settled!

I just gotta say, it is a bit more intimidating, dealing with a fully grown fert's issues. I mean, Yogi and Sian had issues as *kits*, but this is a whole different cuppa, I guess is what I'm saying. It's a challenge, though, and it's fun.

Meantime, have some assorted Triad-checking-him-out-in-his-carrier pics:

And have an in-the-flesh pic:

ETA: Yogi decided enough was enough. He's now cuddling Hiko. I <3 my guys something fierce.

ETA II: Hiko ate the majority of the turkey thigh meat, and now Pixie, Yogi and Hiko are sharing the cuddly cup. Sian's still reserving judgment.


  1. very good annie i am glad this worked out for you. i am looking forward to meeting hiko when i get home. dad <3

  2. thanks, dad, I'm really glad I decided to do this. He's an awesome addition ;D

  3. yes, i hear you are doing really well with him. i need for you to check your FB account. love ya dad


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