Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here, have a few pictures of my two boys (god, I'm still getting a kick out of that) eating ground (bone in) duck:

I now have 2 sets of "individual" bowls for my ferrets (bed time, mostly, now), and then I have 4 "communal" bowls for those times when they 1) develop neurotic food issues and/or 2) get the whole prey-type foods to eat. This time? It's the former.*

Aren't they cute?

And this is Hiko's second full day of bone included ground WITHOUT KIBBLE, YA'LL. I couldn't imagine an easier switch for an over 2 guy on the kibble he was on. It was a miracle!

He's eating turkey and duck; I've just got to get him eating RMBs and trying a bit more sources, but ahahahahaha, we're doing good, and more importantly - HE'S ENJOYING IT ;D

In other news: Pixie and Hiko were playing in the tunnels together; Sian just kinda reestablishes her dominance and then ignores him. Yogi's torn between wanting to be friends and uncertainty.

I've started caging the Triad at night, and leaving him out. So far that's been working out fine (keeping the Triad on a schedule they know, avoiding Hiko's cage anxiety, giving everyone a break from each other). Hiko gets really excited come morning and it's time for the Triad to come out. He always tries to get Yogi to play (although it generally doesn't work well, and Yogi just stares at him).

One thing I've noticed is certain food issues cropping up. Yogi had went off eating for a few meals, just eating pumpkin/baby food/Carnivore Care, and then eating raw only if I hand fed him Hiko's. Apparently, getting different meals than what Hiko gets is very, very upsetting (WTF?). Everything's fine if I feed Yogi with Hiko. I just can't do it any other way without Yogs spinning off into sulking.

Also, next month I plan on ordering the 143 FN model for Hiko. I can see Yogi getting along with Hiko during playtime (because, well, they do. Kinda), but I don't really see Yogi sharing the FN with Hiko gladly (he'll let Hiko come in, sometimes, but he has a tendency -when he *knows* Hiko's in there - to screw with him until Hiko decides to leave).

So, yeah, separate spaces for those times I need everyone caged, and after I do *that* I'll be able to fold up the cage in there now (too small for anything but his cuddly cup and blanket) and stash it somewhere.

Ferts. Gotta love 'em.

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